Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If You Drive Your Car To The Hub Grub Ride Saturday

If you can, ride your bicycle to Ella's restaurant -- the starting point for the Hub Grub Bicycle Ride on Saturday at 3 PM.

But if you need to drive your car, I'm told by the Ella's manager that the small parking lot at Ella's is off-limits because it has to be available for the 5 PM regular customers.

So, please park your car anywhere around Seminole Heights or nearby side streets and bike over.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Hub Grub Bicycle Ride Route

Welcome to the Hub Grub Bicycle Ride of Seminole Heights.

This is a fun and easy bike ride -- only 6 1/2 miles long but it will be packed with good restaurants, good businesses and good company.

This is not a race. In fact, just the opposite. Ride slowly and enjoy the views of Seminole Heights -- serene Lake Roberta, the big oaks of Central Avenue and the participating restaurants and businesses.

We will begin at Ella's restaurant -- a wonderful restaurant in Seminole Heights in a gorgeous building built to house the restaurant. Ella's is at 5119 N. Nebraaska Avenue.

2:30 PM is registration. Please sign a liability waver form and cost is $5 for the event.

3-7 PM is the ride.

And when we return to Ella's at 7 PM, there will be bicyle food specials, live music and a party atmosphere.

Here is your Hub Grub Bicycle Ride route:

Start -- Ella's. Mile 0

-- Cross Nebraska to Conover Street, make left on Taliaferro Avenue and go south to Osborne Ave.

-- Make a right on Osborne; right turn on Central Avenue and go north to Frierson Avenue.

-- Make a left and go to first stop.

-- The Refinery and Cleanse Apothecary, Florida Avenue -- Mile 1.1

-- Reverse and take Frierson back to Central Avenue; Make a left and cross Hillsborough Avenue and go to Hanna Avenue.

-- Make a right on Hanna and cross Nebraska Avenue and make a right on 9th Street.

-- Go to Idlewild Avenue and make a right for second stop.

-- Nani's and Publix on Nebraska Avenue -- Mile 2.6

-- Reverse and take Idlewild to Lake Roberta and make a right and circle Lake Roberta back to Idlewild.

-- Left turn on Orange Blossom Avenue; go north to Hanna Avenue; make a left on Hanna and go west.

-- Cross Nebraska Avenue and go to Central Avenue and make a right turn.

-- North on Central Ave. and make a left on Knollwood Avenue and go west for third stop.

-- Viitals Bakery on Florida Avenue -- Mile 4.1

-- Reverse on Knollwood and make a right on Central Avenue. Cross Hanna and make an immediate right at fourth stop.

-- New Way Cafe and Velo Champ bike shop on Hanna Avenue -- Mile 4.7

-- Go south on Central Avenue; make left turn on Osborne Avenue and make a left on Nebraska Avenue and head back to Ella's.

-- Ella's on Nebraska Avenue, Final Stop. Mile 6.3

Here is a map of the route.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hub Grub Talk At Today's Sunday Market

It was great to meet so many people today at the Seminole Heights Sunday Market who were interested in the Hub Grub Bicycle Ride of Seminole Heights.

It's set for April 2. 2:30 PM is registration and the ride starts at 3 PM. We start at Ella's and finish at Ella's.

Sign Up For The April 2 Hub Grub Bicycle Ride of Seminole Heights

Come and sign up for the April 2 Hub Grub Bicycle Ride today at the Seminole Heights Sunday Market's SHBC tent.

Check out a video of last May's Hub Grub ride.