Monday, March 14, 2011

Hub Grub Bicycle Ride Route

Welcome to the Hub Grub Bicycle Ride of Seminole Heights.

This is a fun and easy bike ride -- only 6 1/2 miles long but it will be packed with good restaurants, good businesses and good company.

This is not a race. In fact, just the opposite. Ride slowly and enjoy the views of Seminole Heights -- serene Lake Roberta, the big oaks of Central Avenue and the participating restaurants and businesses.

We will begin at Ella's restaurant -- a wonderful restaurant in Seminole Heights in a gorgeous building built to house the restaurant. Ella's is at 5119 N. Nebraaska Avenue.

2:30 PM is registration. Please sign a liability waver form and cost is $5 for the event.

3-7 PM is the ride.

And when we return to Ella's at 7 PM, there will be bicyle food specials, live music and a party atmosphere.

Here is your Hub Grub Bicycle Ride route:

Start -- Ella's. Mile 0

-- Cross Nebraska to Conover Street, make left on Taliaferro Avenue and go south to Osborne Ave.

-- Make a right on Osborne; right turn on Central Avenue and go north to Frierson Avenue.

-- Make a left and go to first stop.

-- The Refinery and Cleanse Apothecary, Florida Avenue -- Mile 1.1

-- Reverse and take Frierson back to Central Avenue; Make a left and cross Hillsborough Avenue and go to Hanna Avenue.

-- Make a right on Hanna and cross Nebraska Avenue and make a right on 9th Street.

-- Go to Idlewild Avenue and make a right for second stop.

-- Nani's and Publix on Nebraska Avenue -- Mile 2.6

-- Reverse and take Idlewild to Lake Roberta and make a right and circle Lake Roberta back to Idlewild.

-- Left turn on Orange Blossom Avenue; go north to Hanna Avenue; make a left on Hanna and go west.

-- Cross Nebraska Avenue and go to Central Avenue and make a right turn.

-- North on Central Ave. and make a left on Knollwood Avenue and go west for third stop.

-- Viitals Bakery on Florida Avenue -- Mile 4.1

-- Reverse on Knollwood and make a right on Central Avenue. Cross Hanna and make an immediate right at fourth stop.

-- New Way Cafe and Velo Champ bike shop on Hanna Avenue -- Mile 4.7

-- Go south on Central Avenue; make left turn on Osborne Avenue and make a left on Nebraska Avenue and head back to Ella's.

-- Ella's on Nebraska Avenue, Final Stop. Mile 6.3

Here is a map of the route.

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